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palette no87Wedding inspired pumpkin…!





We start our week with a wedding inspired by the colors of pumpkin! As funny.. or absurd as that sounds, the pumpkin is a component autumn-winter with very beautiful colors. Its colors .. orange-green and various shades depending on how the product or not is. We chose the green hue of the Mint that we love, and the combined. A wedding needs a personality, need a theme and style. Put yourself and bring out the best as you can to see a wedding that will be made!

Par'oti orange has numerous shades we combine it with a darker shade hazy, that the Mint to highlight and not have great contrast. At a wedding you may want to give a strong character and add bright colors, But you do not want on’ no way to fatigue or stun your guests. So try to make a balanced palette and decorate it with every aspect of your wedding! Find the right intensity of color and create the perfect setting!


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