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The November is here to fill your special gifts!!

Select, until the end of November christening invitation, the most unique collection of Lavly, and get a discount 10% ! If you wish, close to your themed invitations for the most beautiful Candy Bar and benefit from personalized gifts for you and your guests. (Eg. colored garlands with your baby's name, decorative stick on Welcome your guests, cones on the table and wishes you many surprises! Many options thematic applications…. Cornets, Stickers, bottles of water or lemonade with tags, cookie bags or gifts, numbering tables, placemats, chocolate wrapper, bags for cookies, guest book, Welcome frame, poster and many applications imaginative ideas to combine your favors!

The holidays are approaching.. Did you combine the baptism with the festive atmosphere of the day??!

Original Theme invitations, Christmas, filled stardust, glitter and snowflakes!

Kaleste us 2109633455 to make an appointment and show you close up details of all projects.

Come to design a christening of your baby step by step.


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