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Color palette #31

palette no31

Pink and gold! A wedding more elegant!





Good morning and good! Good week to have!!!

Full of energy and joy to start this week, 've put together a beautiful stylistic palette dominated by pastel pink and gold! Tomorrow we will show the fuchsia and gold, ie how intense shade of pink after a different result, compared with pastel colors. So today, absolute romance, elegance and luxury in this combination. Add touches of gold in the details of your wedding will not reflect on the concept, but to add shine and brightness in this! The gold is completely intertwined in our minds with luxury. If you connect with the right proportions with the pink will see a very glamour special glow effect. There is no reason to exaggerate, but do not be afraid and Olas. You can add to your invitations, the favors, in detail in the accessories and decorating your tables, or central adornment or linen towels and a characteristic gift for your guests! Even if you choose the chairs for the reception tiffany gold color instead of the classic, white or silver, will immediately see a different view of the entire room of your wedding. Put your imagination to work and the results will definitely be beautiful!!!! Be bold and create a romantic backdrop for the most beautiful day of your wedding and you will win the heart of your guests.


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Color palette #30

palette no30

Mint and a bright yellow, shiny wedding!






We arrived in the 5th and last palette, themed Mint. During this week, we showed how many different colors can be combined in Mint and Featured. Create a separate palette, a unique wedding, according the colors you love! The color of mint in America has emerged as the most popular color 2013 for weddings. Asked the real mania for any bride who is getting married this year. The choice is very easy kath'oti has too many applications this color in decorative, accessories, wedding cake, Invitations, Wedding Favors, linens and fabrics, even in desserts and drinks.

For the last pallet Mint chose bright yellow. A color that brightens, vitality and energy in every marriage. Make impressions of the guests, making a lively and joyous mood for your wedding! Choose small touches to embellish details of the evening. Put your personality and decorate the most beautiful moment of your life!

Good Saturday to everyone!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #29

palette no29

Romantic wedding peach shades!





Friday!!! Good morning!

Another day begins, little rainy for hours in Glyfada (and this is done with ilio..pos…I do not know!). Reaching, at the end of the week and our tribute to mint pallets, we made you the combination of mint with orange-peach shades! Romance brilliant color pastel shades. Such a striking palette ..! Two colors that closely match, and depending on the amount of tension that will add you to assign and similar decorative effect you want. More intense or more pastel mood! Besides the given, elegance, youthful freshness and mood that conveys the Mint, The peach shade adds a greater sweetness harmony. Applications of colors for your wedding can be found in many areas. As in invitations, banquet, accessories, wedding cake, Wedding Favors, Loft, etc.. Also, flowers you can find, different and very special flowers like, The Alstroemeria, amaryllis, sterlitsia, dahlia either too simple and plain as the gerbera, roses, and freesia. Create the aesthetic effect you like, the sweetest colors you imagine!


Photo Credits:

Wedding Rings – http://www.stylemepretty.com
Photography: Steve Steinhardt Photography www.stevesteinhardt.com/,Event + Floral Design + Planning: Bob Gail Special Events
Bridal Bouquet – http://www.revel-blog.com/post/a_coral_ombre_wedding

Earings – http://www.etsy.com/listing

Wedding Cake – http://ravensfete.blogspot.gr

Color palette #28

palette no28

Marriage over elegance with mint and gold accents!






Mint and gold today! A color palette throughout elegance, femininity, that exudes luxury and high aesthetics. For brides who like something…more! Par'oti color models in gold occupies a position very close to the brown-bronze shades, the actual hue adds sparkle and glamor to décor. It is a combination of modern and but also gives one a sense Vintage. You can create original decorative solutions with the corresponding ratios of the color you want so and to make the appropriate setting in your wedding reception. If you do not like hyperbole add touches of gold ornaments, like. touch to your jewelry or shoes, . If you do like the gold center piece along with mint, select the base of the decoration of your flower vase is gold and have a more direct “heavy” result. Create creatures and the palette so you start your own style and personality. Make it as cool or heavy you, want!

Have a nice day!

Photo Credits:

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Color palette #27

palette no27

Marriage dominated by mint! The ultimate combination of color of mint with contrast white.




I can not imagine anything cooler than a spring or summer wedding in shades of Mint, the stark contrast of white and beige! Beauty, elegance, yet highly aesthetic and an image of austerity ..! Vivid color that creates relaxation and tranquility in decoration. It exudes freshness and sweetness. A lot, in the field of decoration and marriages, say it is the new pink, ie the new trend for romance. Abroad is one of the most beloved colors at weddings. It has indeed become the color of romance in marriage, but also the color of renewal and modern trend, in the field of decoration. I guess we could keep time to describe with beautiful words all the emotions that we sent this palette. But we do not want to bore you…hope you like it as much as we! Select and combine multiple items for your wedding in shades of Mint!

Kali your day!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #26

palette no26

Mania with mint for the rest of the week! The color of mint with pink!



Morning! I think that last night we got a crazy, lovely, obsessed with the color of mint. Mint then our current palette and not only. Because it was very difficult to choose a single color palette with this, decided the whole week is dedicated to MINT. Each day will combine with another color, to see you, that a different color on the side and completely captures another sense! We hope you enjoy to you and to us…!

Today we will show you the mint with elegant, pink. We start a little classic, to escalate the aesthetic appeal in the coming days. This combination is quite juvenile, modern and very sweet. Gives a girlish color palette with very comfortable and cool mood. Bright, not too bright, nor lifeless. Returns a vintage style with very elegant aesthetic. Because it is based on the green is very restful color, causes calmness and serenity. Unfortunately, the color hue not mint, faithful performance in flowers (at least not as such). The closest flower that could yield faithfully hue, is pachyfyto, known as succulent or some leaves from plants that have the specific shade, as the Dutch eucalyptus (the closest shade!). The first-first palette we were on succulents and would recommend it to anyone who wants to choose this color for your wedding. The next thing I highly recommend is to highlight the color of the linen mint (cloths or towels), the ribbons with emphasis on wide ribbons and of course the printing, attributable to the precise shade! Do not fear this palette, reason of flowers, because there are many additional which you can put to beautifully decorate your wedding. Whatever you choose, for the second color, you are sure to find the right shade to afford the cosmetic result you will want. We are at your disposal for any questions you may have. Decorate the most beautiful day of your life with the similar style it deserves!!!

Photo Credits:
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Photography: Esther Sun Photography,Floral Design: Kaleidoscope Flowers
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