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The banquet halls wedding are a common choice for those who marry, especially during the winter months. The most common choices are Hotel room, the function rooms or some estates, where they provide a closed room for the winter months. How do I choose and what criteria these spaces;

Room hotel..

Knowing that the marriage, you should look for a nice hotel in the area to serve your guests. What you have to figure in the search for banquet halls wedding a hotel;

  • Good organization. Because their daily job is to serve hundreds of people from all over the length and breadth of the world, certainly do flawless work in the service, in service delivery, and numerous solutions have, setup their premises.
  • The food. Is tested and usually employ well-known chefs in their kitchen.
  • The furniture. Using them is many times the latest fashion.
  • Τα happenings. Are tested, such as proper installation wedding music, speaker.
  • Suite. Usually grant you a very nice suite to stay the first day of your lives together, with delicious breakfast to start your life.
  • To Service. What you need to do is visit a marriage that is at the hotel, to see if you like the service and procedural.
  • Music. The time by which you can have fun with wedding music.

Function rooms..

A new fashion of buildings where created purely there to accommodate within their party, corporate events and weddings or baptisms. But how will you evaluate the banquet halls wedding a multiplex;

  • Their location. Most of them are in the center and some sophisticated area in the southern suburbs.
  • Their style. There are many kinds of different styles. As industrial buildings, where they can be worked on and create a special atmosphere to villas on the mountain where they overlook around the Saronic infinitely beautiful lights, and scents sea.
  • Το Catering. The majority of these multiplexes can work with many different catering γάμου, when you can get different quotes.
  • Music. The time by which you can have fun with wedding music is never subject, kath'oti not disturb anyone in the nearby area.
  • Τα happenings. If you want to create a separate Happening this is your ideal space. From spectacular show, live music, band or live singers.
  • The atmosphere. If you do not feel or can afford to create a certain atmosphere in these big usually, spaces can be a risk to the success of the evening.


Created buildings where owners have designed in the same building different banquet halls wedding. How will you evaluate but a hall;

  • In style. There are rooms of different views and styles, according to everyone's tastes.
  • The price. Is one of the cheapest solutions you can find because they are designed to accommodate parallel 2, 3 or 4 receptions (certainly no one to bother the other) and thus achieve the lowest cost.
  • The atmosphere. Offer no significant landscape or view. Is usually always sat halls, with simplistic décor. In plus that it is possible to decorate as you wish.
  • In catering. Is specific, and usually have their own kitchen.

The organizing wedding suggests

Μαρίτα ΠούλουMknow in how to search for the ideal banquet halls wedding our service “Venues and Church“.

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