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Anthismena wedding invitations.. full of flowers & herbs for 2015!

Beautiful colors, strongly based white or blackboard! Invitations, stationery romantic or modern, depending on the style you choose for your wedding. This year is very fashionable flowers, branches & foliage, herbs and even some fruits like pomegranate, oranges and lemons. Whether you want a more minimalist motifs or heavier designs, Create your own invitation with your wedding flowers in colors you love.

A very beautiful stylistic choice, is the simple invitation with large engraved names of the couple with a beautiful characteristic Freehand font, combined with a rich, full file for the invitation, where he will internally lined with paper pattern full of flowers (envelope lining). Another original option, is the incompatibility, between your card and envelope. And what we mean? See the sample photo at the top of the article. Invitation with horizontal pattern, black & white stripes, gold letters and envelopes lined strongly flowers. What combines not shown disconnected?? ..But of course accompanying the invitation card (RSVP) having on one side, bright color like the flowers and the back side of the stripes. By the same token just could there accompanying the invitation card, menu, numbering tables, thank you, and more.

The team SenSyle is at your disposal to design and create the most original and personalized invitations that you can imagine! Choose colors that you love and come to create invitations, thanksgiving, menu cards, fans and many other ideas on what you want!

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