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ari8mologia 814 printing to combine your Invitational!


(Most wedding invitations come with diversified, imaginative applications that are very practical for carrying your evening. Read some of them and choose the ones that suit your wedding to be a part of the whole picture perfectly harmonized!)






1. numbering tables

2.thank-you notes to your guests

3. coasters for glasses of cocktails

4. napkins with your initials or your names

5. Cornets for sweets and bonbons you

6. tags -etiketes pastries for your candy bar

7. wine labels / water

8. original fans

9. labels for souvenirs

10. monogram stickers to close envelopes Invitations

11. bags for your sweets or welcome bags

12. wedding program Mystery

13. print your menu

14. katefthynsis signs for reception


Photo Credit: http://weddingsparrow.co.uk/



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