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organwsh baptishsBaptism has some steps that are not known to the general public and those relating to procedural after the baptism. The baby's mom needs to know how to do with oiled clothes of her baby. Like the Godfather / s must not neglect their obligations and be consistent from the very first steps of their new role.

First of all oiled clothes, underwear, Cloths and towels should be washed in a separate bowl, to pour water on the flowers / plants or your garden. The tradition of the Church states that water with oil and myrrh should be returned to the Church and to empty the crucible. Because most are not usual everything done in such detail, if not what else, do not throw away the water but take advantage, even slightly at home.

The Church states that the baby should not be washed for 3 days while swimming on the third day should do the Godfather / s. But since we all know how often can a baby be soiled or bathroom needs, it would simply not bathe the MALLAKIA, if it is of course possible. Also for 3 Sundays from the day of the Baptism The Godfather / s is coming together with the godchildren of the Church for Holy Communion. For practical reasons, as many times Godfather / s stay away or may be from another city, good would the baby to go to church anyway or their parents or grandparents! The last Sunday and let the candle of the Baptism in the Church that burned there.

From this point the nurturing of the child in relation to the Church is purely a matter of personal parents! The Godfather / called a spiritual father or mother of the baby is good and continues to be at his side throughout his life, without necessarily expensive gifts but with tips, with love and respect for the child!
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