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IMG_4589aaaIt's time to baptize your favorite baby of your best friend or your best man? Do you know what are your responsibilities and what you should do; Baptism is considered by the Greek Orthodox Church, one of the greatest mysteries. The responsibility is great and we think that many of their obligation ends with the Sacrament of Baptism. In fact the baptism begins the decisive role of Godmother and Godfather or the Underwriter, as called by the Church!

From the first things you have to get is the Cross for your godchildren. It does not matter the value, but what you choose from the heart. The baptism clothes must be in soft colors with main base white (Baptism symbolizes the brilliance and purity of the soul). Do not forget to buy him underwear and socks, as well as the baptism of Shoes. All put together in a wooden box or cloth, where you can be your own design choice or like a theme you have chosen for parents throughout the Baptism. Comes in sets, is the baptism candle. Complementary should obtain 2 small towels for your own hands and of the priest but also a large towel for baby. The chrisoms, a bottle of olive oil (in the symbolism of the oil in mystery oil must be extra virgin olive oil) and soap.

Another of your obligations are martyrics. The witness may be crosses on the lapel or wristbands combined with the traditional peephole, ribbons or other decorations. Lately fashion has influenced even the martyrdom, but as though he has, delivery requires the witness to have some kind of material, cruciform!

The mystery begins with the Godfather / s near the door of the church to hold the baby in his arms and says prayer, it ” Believe”. It is the validation of the faith baby before God. Do you renounce Satan, blowing 3 times to the baby's face and then, under the guidance of the priest, guided to the font. The priest blesses the water and oil, smear baby oil and gives the Godfather / s to continue. The priest raises his baby 3 times high above the baptismal font and dips 3 times, psalontas. Concluding, deliver the child in his arms Godfather / let and after myrosei, with a scissors cut a small tuft of hair (usually have not mowed the baby until his baptism) and delivers it to dress. The godmother helps the mother to dress the baby with the good clothes, while at the end of the time of the Cross. Becomes circle around the font along with the Godfather / s, the priest and a child holding a candle, while at the end of the traditional mother to pick her child, kissing the hand of the Godfather / let.

Baptism, however, has several stages that are not known to the general public and those concerning the procedural after baptism and the coming weeks following.

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