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Your marriage for 2017, starts now!

Step 1 ~ Ten points to start organizing your wedding!

  • 1. SEASON ~ Apofasiste time you want to make your marriage. Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter.
  • 2. DATE ~ Decide which day you want to start your life together. Friday – Saturday – Sunday
  • 3. Number of Guests ~ Think about how many relatives and friends, want on your side. How will expanded the circle of your guests on your side, but also on the part of your parents!
  • 4. CHURCH ~ That would be the ideal setting for your wedding Mystery? In imposing Church in the center of Athens? In a traditional chapel overlooking the sea shore and the breeze in your hair? or in a small, picturesque church in a green farm, framed with romance and atmospheric setting to your site?
  • 5. RECEPTION ~ Artspace, estate, roof garden hotel, special places, lake, museum or Lycabettus Hill?
  • 6. COLOR PALETTE ~ Find colors that will accompany you in completing the decoration and overall style that will have your wedding day.
  • 7. STYLE ~ Style & style. Do you want a formal wedding in style Black-Tie or a wedding party on the beach?
  • 8. BUDGET ~ Define the economic context in which you want to move. Put your limits!
  • 9. ORGANIZING ~ Decide if you want to hire a wedding organizer to help you in organizing your wedding. Consult “6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Organizer”
  • 10. PRIORITIES ~ Choose 3 priorities do not want anything to change, misrepresent or settle!

Step 2 ~ Six points to select the appropriate color palette of your wedding!

The color palette you choose for the most beautiful day of your life should be selected…wisdom! We will accompany you on 6, 8 or 12 months throughout the preparation of your wedding and in every aspect of! Make the necessary preparations for this day, months before and all should have decided and chosen with confidence, with vigor and elegance. But what is it that plays a key role in selecting??

  • 1. SITES ~ A wedding takes place for 5-6 dexiako hours in space and on other 1.5-2 hours in the Church. It could therefore not play a role these 2 determinants seating. The style of the Church and the design of the estate or dexiakou multiplex are those that identify in advance the style of a wedding event.
  • 2. SEASON ~ There are certain colors that are predominantly used per season. In winter, eg. texture and color shades are darker, heavier and more strongly. We like a bright red to see it in stark contrast with the white in December while summer can consider…that our”wearies”.
  • 3. FLOWERS ~ While Greece is among the countries with very good climate and great variety of flowers, unfortunately we can not 365 days a year to find all types and in all shades. While endorsement larger orders for a wedding are directly from Holland, the type of flowers you choose will play a key role in combination with always the month and the time that we seek.
  • 4. PARTICIPATION ~ The involvement of the groom and best man. The color palette is adapted to a greater or lesser degree in many areas. This directly means that even the male population in a marriage need to embrace a similar (greater or lesser) percentage. Abroad couples now use routinely pallets and accessories for men. You must have Clarifications So how the groom wants to participate in this or proteimaei things simple black and white-.
  • 5. PERSONAL TASTE ~ The taste and your options. It depends on you how color, what color and what combination will ultimately chosen for your wedding. Can we tell you the right or to direct you to a direction with respect to the accuracy and balance of colors that does not mean that we will choose for you…! We introduce color palettes to suit your taste and together we apofasisosyme the best for you.
  • 6. CONSISTENCY ~ Attempt yours. It's more important than that we wrote so far! We first made the Bride and Groom to maintain, to develop and call to provide solutions to specific shades that i aechoume chosen together. We with our experience and through our associates have a wide variety of materials, ideas and solutions to fit every choice. But you eventually you will be the ones that your wedding day will support and give life to the whole setup and the style that we create!

Step 3 ~ Complete the form!

Complete the request form and you will be in 5 minutes one step closer to designing your own wedding! We will send you the “WEDDING SCHEDULE”, for the separation of work to be edit in the preparation of. If and when you want Wedding Planner, you can book an appointment directly with us, to start planning the most beautiful day of your life!


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