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linatsaThey say that fashion cycles do… They say that something old has time value. And that's how we got today 2014 redefining the all time classic, traditional doilies and hence known to us all.. semedaki. Old, heavy lace, fabrics with embroidery, reminiscent of the days of our grandmothers and materials plucked from another era, with new value! White, off white and dusty pink fabrics decorate tables and corners in almost every marriage. Tsouvalakis burlap or canvas, various sizes, gaining more and more ground in the heart of the trendy Bride! Combined with a few more touches “modern”, such as flowers, babies breath, Lisianthus and ep'anomazomena flowers of the field, or items such as beads, pearls and pearls, perform in various combinations impressive results.


Vintage ύφος στα centerpiece, aisles of the Church, tables and wishes not only. Unique, oversized or too small artifacts, such as bows, decorative wreaths, Wedding Favors, decorations for tealights and candles, fabric flowers, windmills, Tsouvalakis for plants or vases, data can decorate the table of your guests to be the main decoration made your marriage. Paper craft different qualities and colors adorn, additional invitations, the Thanksgiving, COASTER souvenirs and favors for guests. Paper bags, reminiscent of old grocery store bags, decorated with burlap and fabric or paper semedakia, converted into separate bags for rice and replaced the towels and cones for sugarplums and candy bar.

The combination of all these materials, with some old furniture or objects that are sometimes forgotten, in our basements, can produce a wonderful effect throughout the decoration of your wedding. Old Typewriter, books bound together legacy, gramophones and old dressers separately, secretaire dusted and now decorate the entrances of marriages! They are again at the heart of fashion!

Perhaps the traditional phrase .. “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ..” wedding, acquires its true meaning and brings an air of the past in vintage weddings! Some values ​​are timeless and worth coming back when they are put to taste.

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