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In recent years the customary Newlyweds make a small gift to their guests beyond the classical Favors. Whether it is just for the young and young girlfriends, and this is a utilitarian gift, whether it is for all guests, the habit ever “spreads”. The reason to do this in principle a pair is simply, that wants to be something like a souvenir gift, since their marriage in every guest. The wedding favor is a custom with tradition that goes back to the 15th century in Greece and Italy (as we have said in earlier article….) which has always given as an honorary gift to the guests for their participation in such a beautiful time of the common life of the couple. Almonds are the Roman Empire and was a symbol of prosperity every wedding. But as the years pass and all modernized, so the wedding favor can remain as the most classic tradition wedding, but all the young guys want to do the “something different” for those.


In America these little gifts called favors and have now begun and keep the same name in Greece. What may be the favors…??


Ideas are toooses many purely dependent on the imagination of everyone. Many times we use the place of origin of the couple to create something that has semantic meaning for them. Other times it is something they have made themselves with their hands and with their love, as a souvenir gift of the guests. Sometimes it can be something practical, something that is to be held and used by the guests in order to remember where it comes from. There are no classical or non-solutions, as there are no right and mistakes in this area. Each couple can bring to measures and create the most unique gifts!


Some ideas are as follows:

Beautiful and ornate bottles or jars with corks, glass or burlap stuffed with lavender, coarse salt, oil, honey, any traditional jam is made by a mother or mother in law, jam, mastic, ouzo, moonshine, wine, traditional local products of the origin of the couple. Soaps shaped and scented special. Pouches or tubes filled with coffee beans, with chocolate chips, with shreds of tea or a decoction. Souvenirs and practical gifts for the duration of a marriage, such as, sunglasses, flip flops for ladies and damsels, fans, hats, scarves for any cool night, and much more. Semantically gifts , such as the pitfalls of bad dream or a circle with lace, saying…Thank you for being on our own circle of Love, wooden hearts that are magnets but have dedication by the hand of the intending spouses. The latest new ideas, are craft bags filled with seeds to plant each guest his own flower or ready Mini pots to the planting it, cd with the favorite songs of the couple for their guests, small bottles of fresh lemonade, matchboxes with dedication externally by the pair, Mini boxes with all kinds karamelitses, and so many other beautiful ideas!


All you have to think if you want something special for your wedding… you might, you could make…or purchase a traditional product and we take care to prepare, to decorate them and make them an integral part of your wedding in the most sophisticated way!


For more ideas and photos, visit our page on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com

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