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Marriage, like all other things in our time, has continuous developments and innovations for various kinds. Updated very rapidly and acquire innovative trends. It follows the fashion design in many aspects, adopts and “copies” patterns and styles. Some of them are new trends in decorating, the colors and the theme of a wedding. In this sense our present article, on wishful thinking of a wedding.

Previously there were no. Subsequent books began chanting. Slowly paper, were leather or wooden covers and earn more and more impressions of the guests, but the desire to write this book one wish. Today the book has begun to replace with original construction, with imaginative ideas and innovative applications. We present you some of them with great impact and great success for couples and their guests!

1.Tree of Wishes.


Can be white iron tree with beautiful branches that will decorate with flowers or flower ball. Can be individually wooden twigs united at the bottom on a wooden or glass. Or it may be normal tree olive tree or whatever you love. All items are decorated with beads and pearls to normal or fabric flowers. Pick and beautiful tags with special ribbons and let your guests take inspiration and wish you only the best!


2.Wooden initially.


An original idea where it is and decorative solution for your home in retrospect. Cut your initials letters on wood (the thickness you want), paint in the color you prefer and buy a colorful pen to let the guests their wishes, over their. After your wedding you can hang them on a wall of your home or touch them in a library as decoration. In this way, the far every day, Remember your friends and acquire and your home a more personal touch decoration!


3.Pebbles, stones or shells.


One of the simplest, simple solutions, but clever and original. Highly summer! Gather early, from a beach or from your vacation, beautiful stones, as possible uniform or smooth. Insert into a large bowl or in a beautiful wooden blade widths. Allow your guests to write their message, separately, in each of them and after the wedding scoop them all in a beautiful tall vase and decorate a corner of your home.


4.Photobooth κολάζ.


Combine greetings with pictures of your family and friends. Rent for your wedding a photobooth and let guests play, to laugh and to make as many photos they want. In time they will have their hands photostripes you can stick in your guest book and write next to their wishes. Moreover if you wish you can choose some disguising elements (glasses, hats, whiskers), or labels with hearts, your names, messages like “we were also here”, and many more funny and imaginative ideas, to the even more fun your guests. A smart solution to have captured moments of their own friends at your wedding reception!

5.Canvas photo.

A separate frame. Print on a wide divergence of your favorite photo. From holidays, When we first met or a significant moment in your life. Find an easel and place it at the entrance to your wedding. Each guest will be able to write on the same canvas as his wishes to you, made at the end of the evening you will have in your hands a personal table with the wishes of your guests stamped on.


6.Prints on canvas.


A completely novel idea! Create a frame with the imprint of the thumb of each of your guests. Build the base, the bottom of a table, or with your names, either a sketch, a small painting that may be referred to the invitation and shoot many grammoules upwards. Allow each guest to choose one color ink and leave the personal imprint, as a cheerful balloon at your table! Give instructions to write underneath with small grammatakia their names so you know and who signed! Do not forget to provide you with distinctive and beautiful way, little acetone and towels to clean the guests their hands!

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