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Good month to All! 1May…!
Welcoming Summertime slowly decided to inaugurate a new section of the Blog SenSyle, about the colors, τις COLOUR PALLETS. Full of fresh, colorful ideas and fairy pictures. This module has on the shades that can be used in a wedding and their combinations. The color palettes created the occasion to help each bride choose for her wedding colors specifically governing the whole direction of the evening, ie to create a Theme Wedding! The color palettes, have a very wide range of applications. From invitations to decorations and small touches in many parts, details. In our blog you will see each day a separate palette, with beautiful ideas and original, innovative color combinations, that may not have even imagined the. We choose photos from other site and give you the opportunity to see real applications marriages from abroad with unique ideas. For your convenience, you always below, will note the source of each photo.

The names of colors in each palette, you should know that it is in English because, unfortunately in Greek no precise names for all shades, only very few. And from there all shades, spelled with descriptive phrases. So we chose to call them by their official names derived from Wikipedia, http://el.wikipedia.org from the RGB color model.

If and when you choose a color palette, you can contact us, indicating the number (#…) palette and we can send you more information about your. Also if you want a specific color or color combination that we have not had a chance to move up to the site, we encourage you to send us an email and we will create a color palette for you! Just ask, referential with a photo of any shade you like, eg. after a flower in combination with a color from fabric, and we will realize!

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