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Selection for wedding venues is one of the first things you should do, Just decide which church and date you would like for the ceremony of the Mystery of Your Wedding. You should consider what options you have for reception halls near or away from the Church. What criteria should you choose an estate wedding; Since you must start;

Why choose estates for weddings..

From the first things to decide is decisive for the order of things, is your wedding date. If you are going to get married in the summer months, favors wedding venues the honorary. The reason is that both summer, and autumn, we all have a sweet disposition to be outdoors, can we enjoy the beautiful weather but also so blessed corners of Greece. The desire of couples to make their wedding reception at a farm wedding, comes in tons of gorgeous estates have now created and have nothing to envy of those abroad. Design unrivaled, either by lush gardens, or exotic landscapes with pool, Fountains, sea, or view the entire Attica. Another advantage for the area estates like weddings, is that many of them have both a likeable little chapel, where the reception area divides few meters. So your guests are not inconvenienced at all with the process, of recurring movement away from the Church in the reception area. And your guests, enjoy your wedding from the church to the party without having ailed.

The opportunities in the estates marriage..

It is worth quoting the following simple elements, to evaluate the potential for a reception in wedding venues relative but others Venues;

  • The capacity. The estates arriving to accommodate up 1500 or 2000 people.
  • Timeout. There is almost no restriction on marriage property at the time of retirement or termination of marriage.
  • Το Catering. The properties tend to cooperate with 3 or 4, perhaps 5 differently catering γάμου. When you have many choices on price and quality but it's up to your final decision.
  • Music. Nobody will ask you to turn down or turn off the wedding music specific time.
  • Τα happenings. The possibilities to make different kinds of happenings, is great, from wedding fireworks, aerial lanterns, balloons, confetti and put your mind.
  • Decorating. Even the decoration possibilities are numerous and usually (not always) most impressive. The main reason is that you can take advantage of the room and hang decorative, to place lanterns ... to make your fairytale landscape as you want.
  • The weather. The truth must always be told… Weather is an imponderable factor, especially in recent years that can make it rain (or even throw some spray) even in July, and spoil the wedding reception. The solution of rain awnings ..... Surely this increases costs but anyway in several estates An indoor hall for coverage of this case.
  • Cost. The cost is variable. There is something stable. Most wedding venues, compared to a hall or a multiplex is expensive, this is not always absolute truth but several times..

The organizing wedding suggests

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