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Everything is in place and finally, dawns the morning of your wedding. All are set up correctly and the big day has arrived. You've spent months preparing, but now it's time to enjoy this day as you deserve! Everyone wakes up at home or in the family home with his family. But what more beautiful and moving than to have the foresight to send to someone, relative or even a small surprise Courier in good or in your! Think of something very personal, something you this morning to need your good or good and send to him or her. It may simply be a minymataki or even-even expression that indicates excessive impatience, to meet this afternoon! Think what would win the emotion and heart (even more) your partner's half Dare. Sometimes the simplest things in life and earn the real surprise of our own people!

A small card,
a gem that can wear on your wedding,
a bouquet of her favorite flowers,
cufflinks with your initials,
a picture of your first vacation,
A good scarf with a dedication,
a basket with her favorite sweets,
or a flower in her hair in the style of decorating your wedding,
or even a poem by heart.

It does not matter the value and not what counts is….. The most important is the message that comes with this gift usually. A phrase of love, something that unites, a lyric from a song that you have danced together, or a poem that expresses the anguish of your day starts, may become the most important and original gift you've ever received! Consider both sides and create something unique to begin the most beautiful day of your life new joint! Fill confident, anticipation and great pleasure to favorite or / and give the appointment after some time in the Church.

Always think small surprises and make them actually pleasantly surprised to your partner!

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