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Your first dance as the wedding music certainly play a key role on your wedding day and are one of the highlights of the evening must consider, he will roll the evening and what music will accompany, whether this is the time of attendance of your guests, either during the food, or the order of the songs as soon as I start the dances. But what are the choices you have regarding your wedding dj and wedding music; What should I look for to have a successful feast, and whether you can be original;

Choosing the wedding dj

The first and most important thing to know is if and when the dj wedding is exclusive partner of the reception area, or you can move freely and to book whoever you want. It would not be a book “known” that you simply have heard to say to his knowledge, but to go to a wedding or other event where he will be in charge of music and see for yourself if you like the style of. Do not forget to book the dj even 6 months earlier if known and much renowned of its kind. A very important factor is what you want to give style to your wedding reception. That is a style with formal and posh reception, with a traditional feast or a lively party; All setup and style of reception is something that you need to decide and define. Should you do a good research on what kind wedding music you wanted the 2 families to hear the night of your wedding, and with your own preferences to judge. Look pretty for the first song of your dance, and ask for ideas and dj wedding will certainly have many suggestions. If you want to dance a particular dance earlier may need to do a few lessons along with your good, so as to create a choreography which will wow your guests.

Choosing the wedding music

About 3 months earlier start to gather songs for wedding music and create lists, you would like to listen to the evening of your wedding. You can make a beautiful series of songs where the first 4-5 songs will relate dances, first your own, after a waltz parents, then a slow the best man and then the opening of dances with some more old song from the 80s where everyone young and old know definitely, the rest of the series of wedding music is purely up to you. If you like traditional songs or if you just love modern music it's time to make lists to the Build all this. Do not forget to include songs that will dance either older your guests, either much younger. Good is to create lists that the time lapse of the time everyone will be happy to participate and have fun with you. Do not be ashamed to go dj wedding and request the songs you want to hear as well trust him and give him the freedom to follow a rhythm to the songs you like in the world.

The organizing wedding suggests

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