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Lately more and perissoteroo fashion spreads with thematic tables for christenings. The sometimes classic tables outside the Church, where they had just placed a white tablecloth with bonbons and sweets in a cardboard box from a patisserie, have been replaced with separate thematic tables. Beautiful woodwork with awnings or particularly stand lemonade and soft drinks.

To create a theme table must all baptism you have a certain topic. Check out some of the issues that we recommend, pressing here.
The idea of ​​themes is that the invitation, the wedding, the decoration of the box and the candles and the table of the church or reception, have imaginative decorations and beautiful separate constructions uniform between. Out of decorative solutions, longer and sweets have their own way and their own fashion. The usual sweets glasses have given their place in real works of art, with tiny figures of characters from fairy tales, Animals, or skitsakia children. Fruit threaded onto skewers, various projects or pouches filled cherries and strawberries are some of the specific ideas. Marshmallows, mini chocolate smarties κουφετάκια ή! The ideas are endless… We show some gorgeous themed tables Candy Bar and delicious cookies and cupcakes with natural ingredients from our partners.

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