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Through 7 years of operation SenSyle, we know, work and finally, stand certain people that really deserve the job. We were never the massive and repetitive. We want our proposals to stand, deserve, vary and give each guest an event, the ultimate feeling of elegance, originality and creativity. We are accountable to each proposal you do and we know very well what each of our associates behind this. Each sector has its own difficulty, his own whims. So the wedding… a small creature that each guest gets him, puts it in his house, the holding or the guard to remind the unique baby's christening where he was invited!

The aim of SenSyle is to differentiate each event which we plan, towards uniqueness. Everything, in absolute relation to those parents wishing to become. In this sense we are moving and now that we found the one and only Tatiana, since Scissors & Ribbon. The same, has the ability to express the uniqueness of minutes and puts her personal touch to any wedding favor that creates. We could not have chosen a better person and where we ourselves be absolutely sure of flawless result of her work.

As Marita, I must say, that the first time I met her, impressed with the simplicity of, with respect to creations and complexity I saw around me. In the workshop of each wedding favor was a different element. Original ideas, materials unique, selected one by one, with attention to detail and the end result that wins you perfectly! Tatiana is a special girl that through its own abilities has managed to build its own different world with wonderful handmade creations. It has a wide variety of favors baptism wherein each curated with the attention and puts all its taste. Creates personalized items for any need that may arise during the design of a christening and many imaginative proposals that can make you if necessary.

We have no, but we are proud to host some of her creations in our office! We invite you to visit us to find what different that you would like for the baptism of your little and plan every detail of!


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