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The wedding favors are the only thing that will take away your guests, is a keepsake from your wedding, so and must give due weight and consideration in their choice. You must choose the perfect wedding favor among hundreds of other, that are out there so that the "tie" with the decoration of your wedding. A lengthy process, if you do not know where to start and what criteria to select…

How to choose wedding favors..

Usually 9 to 10 brides begin market research, on their marriage, the wedding dress, and which is the correct, if combined with an overall picture of the bride should have in mind, but this alone, not enough. When choosing wedding favors should keep in mind 3 important issues:

  • If all the guests attending the wedding reception or not. If so you can avoid the time consuming process of greeting and sharing of wedding sweet in the Church and create a more imaginative decoration for your tables.
  • If there is a custom of the places you're from. Some custom on marriage and some sweet that you might want to share with, like. amygdalota, Double or beige, or if there is a custom of the number of candies (customary to always be an odd number).
  • Match between the more decorative elements made. The options are too many, eg. is very beautiful and special if the tying of wedding sweet put a tag same pattern invitation card with your initials and wedding date, or if the ribbon which will bind the wedding has printed up your names. Also a great idea and economical it is to make paper cones with colored theme and your names and create bowls in the center of the tables with various flavors and colors Sweetie.
  • Color palette. Do not give away or different style from that governing the rest of your wedding. It is very wordy and tangled when some brides opting for a wedding favor because they liked and is irrelevant to what others have prepared for their wedding. The wedding should tie to your theme, the color palette you have chosen to become part of the decoration. This brings harmony to the image and decoration.
  • Prototypiste. Look for imaginative ideas online and in magazines and create something that has your own touch. You can make jam, To put it in jars and be referred to a tech specialist to decorate accordingly and make them part of wedding sweet. Find experts in the field who sew most fabrics and make favors with your initials letters! Tie pouches with lavender drawers of your guests and then tie them together with sugar-coated. Do something out of the ordinary and create something special.

Create your wedding favors

'Have you thought about what color and design you choose; Have you thought about how much money you want to spend; You choose the design, the colors you want, fabric and decorative and without any charge you sample your space from our partners.

The organizing wedding suggests

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