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Very soon, some issues are very fond of the moms are repeated so as to “tire” and not choose the parents again. Depending on the season and suddenly created new wonderful, fairytale themes that you can choose and deploy, if you want to be original to the baptism of your small.

More detail, this year was definitely the year of Balloon! They loved as much as anything else so blue, blue, Navy shades and pastel pink, peach colors. Balloon Creations, floral arrangements or even fabric splendid constructions have become fast-seller and earn impressions of the guests at each event. Another topic that is dominating this year Around the world. Traveling, airplanes, trains and steamers serve the means to travel large and small countries and distant lands. Worn out, vintage maps, binoculars, hydrogaphic, Vintage suitcases, books collectibles and so many other wonderful objects decorate the entrance to the Church, the Candy Bar and the tables of the guests.

New and very beautiful styling theme, is the Under the Water, Aquatic World. Wonderful constructions jellyfish, fish, Whales, octopus, colorful and imaginative algae, and marine animals springing and enchant your guests. Also wonderful colorful theme is Rainbow. One issue that we all loved as children, and we were looking to find! Backdrops, fabrics and all kinds of sweets Ombre style decorate tables and spaces. The extraordinary scenes created with Safari, continue to gain ground in the original issues christening! Livestock, palms, greeneries, plates, constructions, all together contribute to the ideal childhood scene to win all eyes. Large constructions, bright colors and a variety of options from the animal kingdom.

A very different and colored theme, this year was the Lego! We first asked Rita & the Apostle, where they were looking and calling for their own angel was happy mood, bright colors and fairytale feel of a game known both in small and in all large! The result excited and left the best impression on friends and acquaintances. Main game objects notorious were used as platters, discs and equipment for setting up one of the most highly Candy Bar of our baptism!

Practical and imaginative theme with the main decorative Fruit Stand! Formed a beautiful table, the reception or in the central area, a large candy bar where instead of the classic single sweet, up colorful construction fresh fruit placed on small and large. Fruits of all kinds that decorate so beautifully to prefer the sweets guests, They seem equally delicious and the sweets! Correspondingly the course Lemonade Stand, where apart of classic cherries homemade lemonade, biscuits added, cup cakes, and sweet lemon flavors and vanilla. In colors yellow bright light and white to perfectly decorate the table. Alongside individual juices even plain water or carbonated, with flavors and color, enriched with fruits and perfumes may be used. For centerpiece on tables choose small wooden boards in Vintage style to fit perfectly with the concept of Lemonade Stand and fill them with flowers of the field. Another separate issue is the Animal Farm, with all sorts of pet be protagonist! And finally the unique issue… Serf, summery combined with many activities and various decoration items!

We at SenSyle we are here to create ex nihilo an issue for small or / or your, or develop a separate issue that I enjoy, to plan it right in size and style that you want! Imagination has no limits when discussing children, imaginative baptisms!!!

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