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The bridal makeup together with the bridal hairstyle, constitute the final stage of your wedding preparation, without the means,they have and the less weight or need less attention. Especially when you consider that the right choice of a proper makeup will bring out the star of the substantial evening you say you. How to choose a makeup; How many times do I have to book an appointment and how far in advance before the date of your wedding;

Choosing bridal makeup

The simplest and most honest advice I could ever give you for bridal makeup expressed in 6 simple words, and including: is not the time to experiment! All of us know at any time what suits us in our face, surely even if you do professional makeup, know what colors we go, what keeps make up on our face, even more that we like our eyes. We will tell you in brief, points to watch:

  • Wear waterproof mascara, you need.
  • "The less the better ' This sentence says it all. Do excesses, is unnecessary. Do not want you to be another day of your wedding.
  • Do tentatively (about time 1 Time) to see what make-up suits you best.
  • You try not to 'polish' very. Some sparkle to eyes or just for apples, is enough to.
  • Take pictures from pilot to have a yardstick.
  • If you wish, one teeth whitening earlier than the date of your wedding.
  • Choose a healthy tone tan, if married summer for your skin. Again, do not overdo it.
  • Do not go to the wedding without the emergency kit. That is without a bag with everything you might need it again (powder, lipstick, χαρτομάντηλα,etc.).
  • The lipstick that will put the professional makeup artist, you can go and buy it earlier, for you to refresh the color on your lips whenever desired.

Relaxation Tips

When you choose the bridal makeup, you must trust the hands of experts. With the people you have worked up to that time, should trust them and listen to their advice to achieve ideal results for you. The options are many, like doing 1-2 days, before the date of your wedding in order to drive out stress, To obtain the positive psychology that you must have that day and rest the body, skin but also your mind, everything you have "bombed" in recent months. By doing this you are guaranteed to shine, wellbeing and a better mood to come to your wedding day, to live to the maximum and to stand out in a unique way. So you will see your face radiate happiness you feel that day, without exaggeration, without're another!

The organizing wedding suggests

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