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All brides, par'oti focus all interest in her wedding dress, when they arrive at a single, immediately, their next "problem", and anxiety are bridal hairstyles and makeup. But there is this steady flow of procedures that should be followed to get to pleasing effect; Or just a lot of trial is the solution for you;

How to choose bridal hairstyles..

The style of wedding dress you have chosen is an integral part of the process of choice for bridal hairstyles. These two important pieces must be consistent. Every wedding has its own personality, his own style and must be followed to create a single image aesthetics. So, take care, a line wedding dress, its cut, and how that ties but also the fabric of. Alongside consider issues such:

  • What time is the mystery of your wedding, ie if the ceremony is too early so we can have a more bouncy hairstyle and not a heavy chignon.
  • As at the location of your wedding, the Church and the property or room, eg if. you are next to the beach to watch the best moisture to not spoil your hairstyle.
  • Think details anyway live daily in your life. If your hair eg. not hold in a possible straightening or lightness split-curl, not dare for that day.

Generally you should consider and discuss in detail the hairdresser all the details of your wedding.

The 5 main categories at bridal hairstyles..

The types and styles in bridal hairstyles divided into 5 central categories, and from there there are many different variations. The 5 basic categories are:

  • Lightly thrown away and. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful. If you already have long hair and a little wavy, take advantage of the. There is nothing more beautiful than a strapless wedding dress with open back that drop over the lightly, thoroughly disheveled, hair. Airy and romantic bridal style type «Empire».
  • Curly – waves μπούκλες. Romantic princess. Whether under, or half-half caught, the choice of the curl is always a constant value. Wedding «Princess» or «A-Line» line fit very, and exudes romantic style from another era.
  • Lightly up grips. Formal and sophisticated style. For any bride wants more evening style, a bouncy hairstyle high, with some tsouloufakia fall diligently left and right is the right solution. Fits great solution to this type of wedding gown «Ballerina» or «Mermaid»
  • Chic chignon.Dinner, grand and elegant style. A safe solution for any bride wants to have the confidence for the whole night and the whole elegance to the looks of the guests over the. Fits «Ballgown» line.
  • Ponytail or French braid. Long plush hair in a ponytail or a beautiful plait caught. For the bride who wants to impress without "chatter". Options pull-catching and have an opinion. And when you consider the kinds, you look photos, you hear relatives and girlfriends but you still have not chosen anything specific, what to do;

The organizing wedding suggests

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