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HotCocoaWinter is approaching and this year we have several baptisms and many celebrations & Birthdays! In contrast to the summer months when the subjects on the sea, the water games, nature, and many other topics vary, the winter months there is a relative limit.. But we, SenSyle to believe that the key is to not lose our good mood and working creatively imagination!


Usually most of the ideas emanating from the tales of the elements.. So the winter months we only have to be original and use our favor the elements! The pure white snow, stately snowflakes, clear and blue cubes, Animals of the North Pole, such as penguins (with so many stories and movies with these small players!), Polar Bears, fawn and deer and many other original ideas! And of course if you are in the favored category where birthdays are close to Christmas or New Year…then the list is growing dramatically and elements of decoration and themes are all in your favor!!!!


Let us turn our summer vanilla cupcakes in chocolate delicious treats. Let's add that sweet summer the fear… and did not even touch. Such as chocolates or chocolate bars with wrapping paper the name of your child's age or date of birthday! Let's fill cups and separate mini bottles of milk or cocoa if you like sweet add 3-4 mini marshmallows σε κάθε ποτηράκι! Cakes pops, wafers, Chocolate Truffles, big delicious cookies, or donuts stuffed with cinnamon and very cigarillos are protagonists in beautiful cones, in separate bags or boxes! Fill your home beautiful rich smells sweet and decorate with the same sweet disposition home!


Topics for winter party!

Hot Chocolate

Penguins on ice

Snowy party

Shiny snowflakes

Ice Skating Party

Ice Princess


Frosty man


Marshmallows & hot chocolate


Polar Bear

Amusement Parks / Circus / Carousel

Rudolph the fawn

Christmas Balls

Come together to decorate our tree!

Fairies and Elves


Create separate activities making

themes within the party, such as:

Waffle Bar
Hot Chocolate Bar
Cookies Bar
Cupcake Mania Stand


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