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no100 palletThe wonderful contrast of white and black! Apolyti elegance to a wedding!





Morning to All!! and Good Friday!

Today we are very happy kath'oti 100th arrived in our palette!!! And since we are just a breath away from the Christmas celebrations we wanted to introduce you to one of the most beautiful (in our opinion always!), and most elegant pallets could choose a couple to create the wedding of! A pallet will “was standing” equally well in a marriage that will be either the summer or winter.

Par'oti believe that the pictures speak for themselves and say whatever it is unnecessary, Your note will only 2 important points. The first: The contrast of pure white with black is a strong, combination with intense applications you can find in too many areas. Fabric, projects, σε pattern, in flowers, decoration and clearly choices of attire and accessories of both! The second point: Each pallet has something special and distinctive. The beauty, however, coming from two opposite colors contrast is even more striking. Can these two colors to create endless styling combinations that will never betray you!

Stylistically impeccable palette! For a fairytale wedding with perfect balance! A striking combination for even the most skeptical…!

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