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palette no101

Bright and shining wedding combined white and silver!





MANY YEARS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS! The first few days in 2014 and what else could you introduce a marriage full of sparkle, glamor and elegance! A pallet in a festive atmosphere, for a wedding in glam shades! Flashes festive and sophisticated objects gleaming. Silver details as will fit in these beautiful days. Add fabrics, crystals and glitter to your decorating. Choose silver lettering printed on your wedding invitation, silver accessories for the Bride and Groom, beautiful pot in inox shades and silver embroidery on fabrics or even details in your dress. The flowers do not add anything other than pure and absolute white! You will see that the combination is so romantic, both atmospheric and definitely sophisticated. Even the flowers are required to follow the same line, the same style. Orchids, white roses, hydrangeas and peonies have a field day. Try not to look even strains of flowers not to steal from the glamor and show the white-silver. Be firm and strict with yourself and your colleagues. No color, only white and silver! Decorate with light balance and elegance!



Photo Credits:

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