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palette no104

Beautiful bright yellow and white for a stylish wedding with green accents!




Bold yellow on a white canvas with green, vivid colors! A combination born a perfectly elegant wedding. Whether you are getting married in spring , Summer or select specific palette to give life and fresh atmosphere with beautiful colors in your wedding. Select individual yellow flowers, like lemonioum, Solidago, the buttercup, freesias, kalles, kraspentia and more to decorate your! Add to pure white wedding dress accessories in bright yellow or a different wreath with flowers for your hair. Do not exaggerate. Decorate driven logic and elegance. Use elements in bright yellow like lemon or flower of sunflower and do the bit of your pallet. Like. the design of the invitation lemon or lemon slices in the base of the centerpiece or even offered juice frozen lemonade with yellow straws and paper cutter in pattern lemon, your guests as you wait in Church. Imagination and originality are necessary! Have a nice day!


Photo Credits:

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