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Bohemian wedding in shades of berry!

Autumnal palette in Bohemian style. What two words mean it ..? Is the style of independence, Romanticism and free spirit. Either tell boho-chic, hippie-chic or just Boho style is derived from artifacts, personal touches, mix color prints and patterns in bold colors, textiles and general freedom of thought. Missing rules and restrictions. This style has many areas expressed as, fashion clothes, Makeup, the ornamental, jewelery, but also has a very great impact on weddings lately. The boho style is a trend that helps couples to create a wedding perfectly with the measures that they like! Can be refined, chic but will never be “rigged”. Select different places to place your marriage, select vibrant colors, select lighthearted wedding and plan a wedding with your own personal touch! Even the selection of flowers to a wedding Bohemian is separate. Forget the classic and put your imagination to work! Ask, informed and create a wedding to your out of the ordinary!


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