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Palette dedicated to Thanksgiving!

The day of Thanksgiving is dedicated to the category of crop festival! Annual celebration awarded thanks to the Creator for goods gained everyone at the end of the crop. The first festival was celebrated in the 16th century with the introduction of the Feast began their first European settlers. The origins date back to the celebrations organized by the first settlers arrived just in the new continent, as thanksgiving to the Creator for their safe arrival. The celebration is directly combined with good food (the turkey and many vegetables) the pumpkins with decoration, but the decor with dried fruits and many kinds of flowers. The colors are bright orange from the hue of pumpkin, and earthy colors they created and the whole atmosphere. If any Nyfoula, especially hailing from America decides to marry that day will be able to use strong colors and show the best way its appreciation to the family, because after all this is the official day to thank those around us and be grateful for what we have…!


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