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palette no122 marsala copy

The color 2015.. Marsala!

We are excited about this year's announcement of Pantone (http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/index.aspx) In September we had a favorite pair Peace & by James from New York who chose this color, Marsala, combined with bright red and burgundy dark theme palette for their wedding. The result was a very special and separate. Intensity and color in our lives…and how much we love it!!! The color tone is natural Marsala, Earth may stand either alone or in combination with a plurality of colors on the side of. It is a ton of rich shade of red wine in our glass. A color that adds luxury and glamor to whomever field if used. Ideal shades found in fabrics, in accessories, clothes, but very clear and beautiful and unique flowers perfectly matched! A color that puts creativity and experimentation. Choose to follow fashion, this time…and will not be dissapointed. Add color to your life and the most beautiful moment of your life!


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