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Polka Dots! The elegant black and white dots as theme to your wedding!



White & Black, appearance of double, focusing dots. What actually is the Polka Dot, is a pattern with the contrast of white & black,with different size circles, style dots. In America became well-known pattern in late 1990 and one could see in clothes, games, in ads, even in upholstery.

Traditionally Polka Dots used in the costumes of the dancers to Flamenco. Later some well-known stars of the musical pentagram adopted and slowly took their way to the great reputation! With the apogee 2006 where the known pencil skirts became notorious with the pattern of Polka Dots.

Today this cute pattern can be even in a marriage applications, and with great success! Firstly,, white is the official color of a Greek wedding but black never ceases, be grand, and refined color all official clothing for receptions, party and gala. Select and use accessories with the b / w contrast. And the Bride and the Groom you can find many beautiful styling options. On the tables, do not be afraid to put white flowers in jars that are tied with ribbons in Polka Dots pattern or with runners Polka Dots. Even more original would choose fabric flowers and add them into the composition of flowers as if they are part of the natural flowers! Think only the odds creativity of this combination and I am sure that you will achieve the best result! Good and creative Saturday All!

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