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A shiny, springtime wedding with a combination of yellow & of gray!



Good week! We start today our breakfast with a spring wedding, with the bright yellow and shades of gray! A palette directly connected to the spring period we are .. we combined these 2 colors to give vividness and energy to our day! The yellow has many shades. Depending on the mix that will be given to black, express other emotions. The clean however yellow symbolizes wisdom, energetically, the youth and purity of feelings. It is a striking color that catches the eye very quickly while not tiring repetition of. This combined with pastel shades of gray to give it a balance. While white illuminating further and highlights. In your adornment, the flowers add green and white and you will see the impressive results that you created before you.

Ideally flowers in a shade of yellow orchids are, roses, Good, Tulips, chrysanthemums, the buttercup and gerberas. To highlight distinctive, some details, add ideal small yellow blossoms in your hair and the groom, on his lapel, a similar panel, similar to your own flowers! Pick a beautiful yellow cloth runner on the tables or on the linen towels for your guests. If you do not want to spend lots of money, wide satin ribbons tie into existing white towels. Beautiful bouquets for the center of the table without many-many…ie without extra, jars, candlesticks, Loft, etc.. can not stand winning simplicity and freshness to decorate your! No need for hyperbole because the combination of those colors easily and elegantly fills the space, so watch out and do not spend a lot and do not overdo! Happy Monday!!!

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