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Pink and shades of, A girl's wedding!





Good morning to all girls! Marriage, say is girly case…a phrase that has prevailed because of the great love of women to deal with such passion for the great day of their lives, so you good morning with a very girly wedding!

Today we rely on the well hidden girly girl every aspect and every Wannabe Bride. Pink in all its glory… dark pink, pink open, pink sugarplum, pink fuchsia, dirty pink pink sweet…how many shades of pink and every one of them, exudes both romance. Once all marriages were white and pink…all, one after the other, they saw nothing. But today I would suggest you put the pink at all and skipped ahead to even more… in dark, shades! Making a difference. Choose pink flowers, pink shoes, pink band for your wedding dress, select folder pink invitation card, pink ribbons & linens, put pink everywhere. Sometimes the colors are a lot Myths. These Myths in substance “haunt” reality…do not let it affect you believe older generations! Follow what you want to do. If you like pink, dare and make your wedding tastes and to your. To escape from tradition dare to choose dark tones, bold pink, avoid the well-known sugarplum play with shades that give another texture and feel to the compositions. With appropriate amounts of green and bright, deep dark pink I can guarantee you that you will have created a sweet, simultaneously romantic and sophisticated wedding theme!

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