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palette no17

A hot wedding with passionate red and hot pink!




Morning with color in Preparation us!

As we reach the end of the week, we thought we'd add beauty and bold colors in our day! I do not know about you .. but us our thrill to create strong color palettes, vivid colors that can impress your guests! The color pink is a very romantic, symbolizing femininity. The shades may yield, either a very soft, pastel effect or a strong, enthusiastic result! For red what to say? It symbolizes love, love and absolute passion. Many times older, The Brides, afraid to choose such a color palette of intense contrast ratio, considered too unusual combination. But in recent years, fashion has used this combination, heavily, in clothes & accessories apparel, in the press, in advertising and is now considered a combination of an absolute balance and characterized as Chic.

If for your wedding, you want to add more peace in this combination, add white or beige Nude. If you want to make it sweeter add green. If not what else the colors are numerous applications for a wedding. There are few flowers that do not come in these colors, while applications in paper, fabrics and decorative materials are too many! Dare to escape the mainstream and create your own style!!! Do you have a creative, beautiful day!

Photo Credits:

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Photography: Carla Ten Eyck,Event Planning, Design + Flowers: DM Events

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