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palette no18

Marriage in shades…Tea with lemon!





Good Morning and Good Saturday to you all!
Today's palette is starring impressive, lime opposing the absolute white. Το lime στο wikipedia, characterized as three quarters of the green. Something in between the green and the yellow of the lemon. So we decided to characterize the palette as “Tea with lemon”, the ultimate combination of intense green and lemon yellow. At weddings in recent years, this palette is used, the summer, as a color characterized dew, freshness, brightness and exudes particularly happy mood! The choice of flowers, for adornment and your bridal bouquet you, to find from a wide variety of species, the best for you. Some of them are, Tulips, peonies, roses, kalles, gerbera, buttercup, Lilies, freesias, hydrangeas and orchids.

In the invitation, select a bright delicate pattern and use it as the background of the text. Also you can choose a beautiful embossed ribbon color Lime to tie external folders. To select tables Lime Linen Towels, or put numbering your tables with this color. Centerpiece for table choose between wooden boards or wooden crates with beautiful flowers and decorated with ribbons wrapped around them. Or a different proposal is to add many, pretty little jars in various sizes and heights, to fill them, with white flowers and Lime. Another beautiful reversal is, as we have said in previous palette, use natural fruit, to fill the bottom of the jars you, an elegant proposal for a different result! Do not be afraid of color! With the right color balance and not exaggerations can create very beautiful and individual decorative elements that will pique the interest of your guests!!!
Have a nice weekend!!! Have a beautiful!

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