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palette no21

The splendid fury pink weddings!





Good morning!

Today's palette is dedicated to girlish fury, Pink. Pink deep, pink pastel, dull pink or bright pink. Pink beautiful, dessert, bright, highly romantic, one color imprinted in the mind of each girl, from when we were almost 2-3 years and a color completely interwoven with love. The tonality can have numerous aspects. Every girl separately if you ask to paint the exact shade of pink, having in mind… so results will come as there are girls, almost. One is the specific, hue having the “presidency” particular, weddings. The pink sugarplum. And clearly we all know why. Why is a sweet color, refers to the innocence of our childhood and carefree we then possessed. We chose your indicative some pictures to see how many colors you could were making and how many could be combinations. If you fall into this category of girls who would like to have a wedding with emphasis Pink, we would suggest that you choose, calm tones in harmony with each other, for more beautiful and elegant results. Embed the splendor of pink in your wedding without escape girlish side. In the next pallet, called “Marshmallow” will highlight another combination of pink with the ultimate, white. Today we want more romance and so it is not departing from this color.

Needless think you analyze how many things and what applications exist in this color palette. What we can advise is that you try to assign an elegant combination and not a”baby” pink, that reminds most baptism and not marriage. Combine many shades of pink, and not only one! Put brighter and duller shades and you'll see how harmoniously together will all colors.

Have a beautiful and creative day!!

Photo Credits:

Bridal Bouquet – http://www.stylemepretty.com/
Photography: Corbin Gurkin Photography
Event Design: Beth Helmstetter Events
Floral Design: Claire Bean
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Candy Bar – http://www.southernbellescharm.com
Dancing Shoes – http://www.stylemepretty.com
Photography: Brenda Upton Photography
Wedding Shoes – http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com

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