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Orange, peach, yellow and green… a sorbet marriage!




Good morning!

Wedding colors! We wanted to highlight the very specific palette, and to give a different look to the brides who prefer Dual Colour or monochrome combinations. Today we put colors and romance in the most beautiful day of your life! Various shades of orange, peach, coral, yellow and green or shades of sorbet. A lively playfulness. If you combine these bold colors with white tablecloths, white wedding dress, Church with a white or white candles, decorated with white tulle or gauze, you will see the results that will really surprise you! The environment around these colors would be the ideal natural green, like. is a property. Emphasize this, because the same colors in a closed room of a hotel, will not take out the same physical, and elegant result, but a result that will “boukonei” and drowning. Select to highlight the compositions, white vases and not transparent as often customary at weddings or beautiful white cages to decorate with flowers inside.

A great asset to this palette is the number of flowers that you can choose, since the shades are numerous, and so many applications. Such as, eg. normal and mini roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and “ping-pong” (button chrysanthemum), freesias, peonies, buttercup, Lisianthus, gerbera, solidaster, tulip, dahlia, anemone and other. Choose what you prefer depending on the style you want to assign. You can make either a very sophisticated, modern style or a very classic wedding with magnificent compositions and classic, just as the word says! Build what you are closer to your temperament and your own style. Always be creative and think only, that is your day, and you must choose what you love!

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Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography,Planning: Central Coast Memory Makers,Event + Floral Design: Flowerwild

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