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palette no26

Mania with mint for the rest of the week! The color of mint with pink!



Morning! I think that last night we got a crazy, lovely, obsessed with the color of mint. Mint then our current palette and not only. Because it was very difficult to choose a single color palette with this, decided the whole week is dedicated to MINT. Each day will combine with another color, to see you, that a different color on the side and completely captures another sense! We hope you enjoy to you and to us…!

Today we will show you the mint with elegant, pink. We start a little classic, to escalate the aesthetic appeal in the coming days. This combination is quite juvenile, modern and very sweet. Gives a girlish color palette with very comfortable and cool mood. Bright, not too bright, nor lifeless. Returns a vintage style with very elegant aesthetic. Because it is based on the green is very restful color, causes calmness and serenity. Unfortunately, the color hue not mint, faithful performance in flowers (at least not as such). The closest flower that could yield faithfully hue, is pachyfyto, known as succulent or some leaves from plants that have the specific shade, as the Dutch eucalyptus (the closest shade!). The first-first palette we were on succulents and would recommend it to anyone who wants to choose this color for your wedding. The next thing I highly recommend is to highlight the color of the linen mint (cloths or towels), the ribbons with emphasis on wide ribbons and of course the printing, attributable to the precise shade! Do not fear this palette, reason of flowers, because there are many additional which you can put to beautifully decorate your wedding. Whatever you choose, for the second color, you are sure to find the right shade to afford the cosmetic result you will want. We are at your disposal for any questions you may have. Decorate the most beautiful day of your life with the similar style it deserves!!!

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Photography: Esther Sun Photography,Floral Design: Kaleidoscope Flowers
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