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palette no31

Pink and gold! A wedding more elegant!





Good morning and good! Good week to have!!!

Full of energy and joy to start this week, 've put together a beautiful stylistic palette dominated by pastel pink and gold! Tomorrow we will show the fuchsia and gold, ie how intense shade of pink after a different result, compared with pastel colors. So today, absolute romance, elegance and luxury in this combination. Add touches of gold in the details of your wedding will not reflect on the concept, but to add shine and brightness in this! The gold is completely intertwined in our minds with luxury. If you connect with the right proportions with the pink will see a very glamour special glow effect. There is no reason to exaggerate, but do not be afraid and Olas. You can add to your invitations, the favors, in detail in the accessories and decorating your tables, or central adornment or linen towels and a characteristic gift for your guests! Even if you choose the chairs for the reception tiffany gold color instead of the classic, white or silver, will immediately see a different view of the entire room of your wedding. Put your imagination to work and the results will definitely be beautiful!!!! Be bold and create a romantic backdrop for the most beautiful day of your wedding and you will win the heart of your guests.


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