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NO42 pallet

Bright and shining wedding in golden tones!





Sparkly wedding! Glow, intense shimmering shades, Gold in all its glory with youthful mood! If you like tons of gold and you do not frighten the glossy….then dare to beautiful, mansion gold! Add sparkle, tinsel, Beads, illustration επιφάνειες, gold ornaments, gold print on your invitations, accessories gold and give an impressive atmosphere in your marriage. Create a beautiful palette throughout festive atmosphere! The gold is a color that should either “stands” alone like a proper king, either be combined with natural tones and earthy colors. We usually only during festive periods, like Christmas to combine gold with bright red and beautiful deep green, Teal. For spring or autumn weddings match the gold with neutral tones for a more lighthearted, natural and classy result!


Photo Credits:

“Let it rain Confetti” – http://www.ohlovelyday.com
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Photography: Scott Andrews
Make up – http://web.stagram.com/
Seating Label with fethers – http://ruffledblog.com
Couple with Balloons – http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/


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