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New fashion for weddings, from abroad.. Shadow style!



An fashion that is gaining more and more ground. We are coming from abroad, but more and more brides love. Colors darker to lighter. Colors in shades towards white. The classic degrade in clothes, Fabric, even the hair lately, converted and now a new trend and style for weddings. Wedding style rainbow. You can choose 2 colors or shades to stay in one. In particular colors proves very special decoration. As the pink, purple, color or mint green and blue color. Is the main application banquet tables and flowers, but can also be selected for some accessories Bride, tie groom or official wipe, the runners on the tables or even the invitations and favors. Especially for flowers, there are two options. SenSyle “easy” where, once selected the type of flower, the composition after, is relatively easy, kath'oti repeat, the flower itself in all lighter shades of, until almost all white flowers have. And the most special, where all the flowers have to follow the same pattern of change of colors. A different approach for a wedding, the couple who wants to stand out and differentiate! Have a nice day!


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