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no49 pallet

Marriage to taste…and cream shades!!





Cream Flavor…or color of the cream! Whatever you prefer we prepared to highlight a distinctive combination of fine for couples. Sign in absolute color combination with white. Light shade of beige, Coffee. A shade that is very discreet, in harmony and balance with the white. At first glance may seem very simple to match our palette, but to accomplish the Bride the particular shade should draw attention to the selection of the same color in that item if added. It is nice to combine the many different beige. It will confuse the eye and in the end will not look like a section, as a palette. So, take care, much that will add beige and what kind of objects. These materials have very different hues, otherwise looks like a beige fabric, on paper or in a jar. Very beautiful and safe options are, zone or accessories Bride, discreet decoration for tables, distinctive flowers in shades of beige, or details of the same tones on wedding cake. Build your palette to you and to your colors! Good morning!


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