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no52 palletVermillion, summer wedding combined with white!!





RED. The color of passion, of love, of love! At the same time imparts red color intensity, speed and warmth. The color combination of red and white more common near the holidays and during the winter months. But we have two good reasons why today we show the specific palette. First it was the desire of our friend, Evangelia see this combination for marriage. And secondly because even with two words we would like to argue why it is appropriate for the summer months red. The most logical reason is that generally summer weddings are more colorful, all the colors match with the right balance. So why not red? All things are a matter of habit. So does this palette, has been identified in our minds with Christmas but it is not necessary.

Choose red on summer items, such as fruit. Select bright red flower for your hair or sandals beautiful. Add balloons are summer item. Choose red shades summer flowers such as dahlias, or red peonies. Instead piece wedding cake, share cup cakes with cherry or strawberry. Try to focus on your data summer red to highlight the beauty of color and summer mood!

Have a nice weekend!!!


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