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palette no53

Marriage in bright pink and purple! Make the difference with balance and elegance!



Pinks meet purple! In katagramma translation… pink purple encounter, in proper sense but… we show that they know and combine pink and purple! Nicely, keenly, vivid colors based on the girlish love the pink, but style and style, extreme! Colours pooping intensity, giving capacity, who steal the show, winning the impressions of your guests. Decorate with beautiful flowers, select bold accessories for you and your good! Combine bright pink with dark purple, violet or fuchsia. Do not be afraid of colors, the writing frequently to our Blog. We dare to be selected and adds color to the most beautiful day of your life, just the way you like. Not applicable, as previously, fashion that the wedding colors are white and ecru only, or very pale pink. It is these beautiful colors, elegant combination but now you can add bold color combination to anyone you like! Create your own palette of color terms and! Many times our parents influence us carry their own opinion from another era, with a different style. But just think how much has changed fashion, how affected the manners and customs since? How many things do as they did our parents the day of their marriage? Rightly or wrongly, times have changed and you now with absolute freedom, with elegance, without exaggeration clearly and elegantly to add vibrant colors to your wedding. You see something ugly in today's palette? Or watching an elegant, beautiful and vivid results? Choose what you prefer, with your own taste! Have a nice day!!!


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