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Marriage in coral colors. An element of summer!





Good morning!

Koralli, starfish, and sea urchin shells… each element, represents a summer picture in our minds. All are completely intertwined with summer, but with weddings whether it is???

In recent years it has begun and is widely known figures as decoration for weddings. In July, August and early September if you are getting married near the sea, you can create a natural landscape as decoration with these data. The starfish and sea urchins are bonbons, track or pattern in invitations. Made decorations and floral arrangements to enhance the center of the table or the surrounding area. Become part of the central decoration either with flowers, or is some construction. Imagination in equilibrium with the taste can create very unique images. Combine these elements and the color coral, natural starfish and green, olive green and you will see in front of you to create a very impressive result. These colors are hot. Among tie them with calm and is very close to natural shades, have the ability to provide a single uniform and a special effect for decoration, without being blatant. Flowers and ribbons will find shades darker or lighter coral, salmon. Choose one that fits you to create your own favorite summer result!


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