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Marriage on the white Orchids!





Have a nice day! For our current palette, chose the Orchid… the royal! One of the most popular flowers, Favorite many brides. Orchids have such a large number of species that are almost impossible to capture all. The list of the Royal Garden of Kew are 22.000 orchid species. As you understand colors, patterns and differences in the various intermediate species are numerous. Extremely popular, especially for weddings are as follows: Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Orchis και Vanilla. H Phalaenopsis often used in bridal bouquets or decoration of candles, Cymbidium and the reason for the very high resilience to drought often used in decorations of tables. The white has a specific shade, in combination with the yellow minimum center, which is found to be very dear to Brides. Other colors dear, is green, cream, pale pink – purple or fuchsia.

Do inset the Orchid and decorate around your wedding with small touches of these. Select white as the color of the orchid and create a whitewashed, pure and clean wedding if you like clean pallets absolute white. Often in white wedding symbolizes the pure and absolute love! Add color and decorative ribbons together, with white flowers when you want to render subtle shades, without harming the overall result. Or select a specific shade of orchids and give color to your wedding from the flower itself! When we want to do something on it is not necessary to always put this item or color. No need to repeat…at least not everywhere! Just place them in key points of this touches, subtly but “nodal” points. Eg. can the center of your table decor has something completely different but you have to tie your Thanksgiving on the linen towel with a flower, orchids and wide ribbon. Directly around the table will take the form of themes, orchid. Compose jars with water, shells and sand or plain wreath of flowers and put in 2-3 points around some orchids. It is not necessary to be everywhere orchids. Add 3-4 flowers on the wedding cake in your hair or a beautiful flower. Think imaginatively, and decorate accordingly. Be well!!!


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