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Wedding in Blush shades!






Blush shades. What does precisely know??? The blush shade is a ton of pure pigment in earth, bright shades, in “bare” colors. The call “bare” why does not contain color. It tonality of natural, earthy colors, and beige. Many times the blush gives pearly or satin effect, depending on the combination of. Use too much shade and tone of, in fashion and particularly of makeup. Too many products are called, or contain the word blush. Simply because, is color that closely matches the natural beauty and gentle effect.


At weddings the blush palette, considered a soft shade of pink – nude color. It may be lighter or darker depending desires of everyone but is generally light shade with pastel effect. There are many kinds of flowers that can be used with the first and best rose. You can combine the blush roses with other white flowers , and get a beautiful composition! In other areas of a marriage can apply to makeup, Accessories Bride and Groom, decoration, ribbons, υφάσματα ή runners, lanterns, the candles, tint to your wreaths and many other. Also, if you want to combine this palette with decorative gold or silver colors, are both very fittingly! The blush is a “easy” color, kath'oti has many applications. Decorate the most beautiful day of your wedding, solely driven your personal taste!!


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