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palette no60

Perky combination for wedding, του Royal Blue!





The name of our palette and color name says it all by themselves, Vibrant και Royal Blue. A palette with intensity, lively with vibrant colors. Energetic colors of this wedding! Intense, Royal blue, deep, dark orange and pastel yellow. Three colors for bold Brides, who are bored of the same and the same. Want to make a difference, want to stand out and above all want to create something completely different with their own taste, give their own character to the most beautiful day of their lives. The blue, too many times is related to the decoration of a baptismal. We, however, we have highlighted many times, blue and navy blue how beautiful and stylistically impeccable decorative solutions for weddings. Today we wanted to show a distinctive style with an, the deep blue!


Choose a pallet as the current, for a separate, original marriage. Do not overdo it because it will draw attention right colors. Put the amount of color you need, in frills and flowers. Eg. a pair of blue satin, deep color, in your shoes, alone without nothing will make the difference! No need to add a belt or jewelry in colors. This palette needs…”temperance”. Right amounts of color there will stolisete.Ena table can have only orange flowers and linen towel is blue, or a wide ribbon tied at the base of the jar is blue or only one blue ribbon tied in a white towel, will give the character look. You do not need a large amount of color, alone since these colors, is very strongly. If you exaggerate the effect to reach the limits of…kitsch. Great attention! Almost every day we encourage you to add colors on palettes for your wedding, but this call only when done with proper stylistic look. Moderation and with caution! Η SenSyle, is here to advise and design for you an intimate wedding with your own character and your own I! Have a nice day!


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