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palette no61

Marriage in soft shades of pink – Misty Rose & Rosybrown!




Good week to all of us!

After several days…several issues and several marriages…! We return to our palette no.62 – Mistyrose και Rosybrown. A combination of pastel pink, with darker and lighter shade. The possibilities are endless. The wedding cake, the invitational, in accessories of the bride and groom, in favors, in decoration, flowers and flower decoration. A color that many brides opt kath'oti is very soft and easily workable in many categories of a marriage. This pink (almost sugarplum) exudes romance, youthfulness and sweetness. Especially next to pure white and pastel green, the color of mint or green grass, sent a very beautiful picture, a romantic and sweet image. You can give dew and create a unique wedding putting more color in more details. Because these colors are very pastel, Make a magnificent picture with more color, with most applications. Emphasize!

As already mentioned,, in older palette, pastel pink, generally, considered publicly acceptable by a large portion of the world. For many years it was the King or Queen.. marriages. The last few years have started and dare brides to add bold colors and more particularly, in marriage. But if you've dreamed of little girls in your princely wedding…I think those colors will represent extensively! Choose what suits you, insensitive that you hear around you and make the day of your wedding to your own tastes and only!


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