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palette no64

Marriage in warm colors. Deep aubergine and mint green with dark green!





H today's palette is dedicated to our friend Virtue. The marriage, as we are informed by the end of November and he really loves the color aubergine. This has color 2-3 shades, lighter, darker… We chose to highlight the warm side starring the bright aubergine.

The aubergine grown to want next or relaxing shades of green and white or high contrast like yellow. You can try, as in the pallet we can put a very slight touch of red with the aubergine and see even more illuminating and sweetens the palette. It is not mandatory the colors are the same everywhere. This is a general principle for decoration. Use for Bridal bouquet something different, the main color you repeat it on the table as the center composition and details you want to bring out. While the decor of the room or around the church and candles combine a relative color from the palette so you can tie it all together, not all identical to. Look to see subtle nuances flowers to florists or the internet and choose what suits you. Ideally flowers for the particular hue is, buttercup, dahlia, orchid, rose.

Do not be frightened by diversity, we personally rejoice too when you ask us to see different colors, as the current palette! So only a wedding is special and special for each couple, represents its own character. A good friend of ours, lately, asked how many colors you can think or even suggest??? The answer is very simple…too, but too many! If you think that a palette usually consists of 2-3-4 colors, combinations are limitless. I can think over 100-150 combinations, with distinct shades. Inspiration is all around us! Separate with opinion and style! Make the most beautiful day of your wedding to your own tastes and forget what should and what was customary until now! We are here together to design and create the wedding of your dreams!

Good morning to all!!!!


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