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palette no66

Wedding in pink.. dusty shade. Μουντό ροζ σε Vintage Style!




Many times we use English words we have adopted but not always match exactly what you want to say… So our current palette, “Dusty”. What exactly means? Dusty?? Maybe some would say ... The meaning is that the pure shade of pink has been in darker tones. And because of his involvement with the black is almost imperceptible, call in Greek… soiled or dirty pink.

The hue is most severe, heavier than the classic sugared almond pink or bright pink and does not have too many fans. Brides who prefer already know what is the dusty pink and looking outset, usually. This is a shade that matched perfectly with the white, with green and sometimes with light peach, beige-peach. To embed your wedding we suggest you choose accessories and decoration dusty, combined with the white and the sweetest hot pink. If you love him a lot and you already know the color effect after, then try it with courage and your Wedding Dress! Guaranteed provides a color palette with a different style that exudes Vintage style and romance!

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